Jordan Plastics

About us

Jordan Plastics is one of Ireland’s leading printers and convertors of plastic films. Set up in 1969, the company was one of the pioneers of plastic film print and conversion in Ireland. Among its many achievements, it has been awarded 5 European Flexographic Print Awards which included a Gold, Silver, Bronze and two of Highly Commended for process printing.

In July 2006, the company moved to a new 40,000 sq ft, purpose built plant in Portadown at the same time as investing in new state-of the-art 8 colour printing machinery and further high speed wicketting bag machinery. These investments significantly expand our capacity as well as our production capabilities and demonstrate our confidence and commitment to be a leading supplier in the industry in the future.

What drives us is our customers. We try to work with our customers to understand their needs and then design a product and service package to deliver them. Innovation and flexibility are core values for us but we also understand that consistency of product quality and service is paramount. This goes right from supplier selection through machine routing in the factory to manufacturing automation. The company is continuously investing in its people and its technology to ensure we offer our customers the best in the market each and every time

Manufacturing Capabilities

Jordan Plastics has a wide range of print and conversion capabilities that are continually developing. The list below gives an overview; please contact us with questions

1. Material capabilities

  1. Substrates
    EVA & deep freeze materials
    Metallocene rich
    Degradable polymers
    Recycled polymers (up to 100%)

    Full colour range capabilities (tinted or opaque)
    Mono or co-ex
  2. Inks
    Full range of colours
    Up to 8 colours

2. Print Capabilities

  1. Widths
    From 90 mm to 1440mm
  2. Thicknesses
    From 17 mu to 250 mu., depending on width and materials
    For full print capabilities view our Printed Film on reel tables

3. Conversion Capabilities

  1. Wicketted bags
    Widths 150 - 420mm
    Lengths 200 – 600mm
  2. Side weld bags
    Widths 100 – 2000mm
    Lengths max 950mm
  3. Bottom weld bags
    Widths max 1350 mm
    Lengths 80 – 2500 mm

    For full conversion capabilities view our Converted Materials tables