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Our products span the food industry; from a wide range of direct product packaging to point of sale packaging to transit packaging, we are involved in the delivery and safe keeping of a large number of household products in the shops today. Our entire production process from raw material handling through print and conversion to packaging and despatch is monitored to ensure consistency and prevent contamination. We have invested heavily in automatic systems to support this and operator training and development to manage and monitor it.

Wicketted Bags

For use in the bread industry and produce industry supplying wicketted bags for high speed automatic packing machines. used for bread, apples, potatoes, bananas, peppers, pears, cabbage, lettuce etc.

Bottom Weld bags

For use in all food industries supplying liners for trays and containers.

Side Weld Bags

For use in the poultry industry supplying chicken bags, retail carrier bags, fruit and vegetable markets supplying bags for all market produce that can be purchased from stock with a printed design and barcode.

Form Fill & Seal

For the bakery market for packing farls, biscuits, traybakes
Speciality coated films for ensured seal ability eg batch loaf

Produce Film

For the produce market - breathable, anti-mist and perforated films for all types of vegetables.

Deep freeze

Frozen food industry for packing fish, sausages, garlic bread and processed potatoes using specialised polymers and printing inks to avoid breakdown of packaging materials under extreme temperatures.

Collation Shrink

For all food industries for outer packaging from eggs to cans, printed or plain.

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We are one of the leading suppliers of plain and printed shrink film to the drinks industry, with a number of high profile customers using our materials. We have long worked with all the major single and twin feed machinery (new and old), we can advise both on material selection and machine throughput maximisation. The balance of material yield versus machine throughput is a fine one and we work with our customers to optimise this for their individual needs.

Both plain and printed, we supply a full range of shrink film options to the drinks industry.

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Agriculture and Horticulture

We supply a range of products from crop cover films for growers to heavy duty co-extruded films and bags for point of sale packaging of horticultural products. We have worked closely with growers to develop different products for UV protection/ film life expectancy as well as breathable and degradable films.

Crop Cover

For all forms of protective cover for plants growing, market produce and protective covers from frost during the winter months.

Specialist Co-Extrusion

In the agriculture market we have developed films to prolong the lifetime of the plastic eliminating the need to replace it every year. The lifespan of the product can be predicted on the location.

Form Fill and Seal

For the peat industry, we supply films for automatic packing machines up to 80ltr sizes.

Bottom Weld Bags

For the horticulture market for bark, stones, grits. Developments we have made in this market have allowed greater down gauging due to remarkable improvements in the strength of our films.

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Construction and Industry

We supply films for a number of packaging applications in the construction industry - whether plain or printed shrink wrap or pallet covers for the protection and promotion of bricks, tiles and paving, industrial sheeting or heavy duty sacks for aggregates, we understand the requirements of cost and efficiency in the industry;

Shrink Pallet Hoods

These can be supplied for all industries.

Shrink Sheeting

For the construction industry to protect your product from weathering and also use it to advertise your company name. Can also be used for identification of the product for trade and retail.

Heavy Duty films and bags

For any type of heavy product we can provide any size suitable whether it be in film form or bag form, for instance coal or gravel bags

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Security and Mailing

From mailing envelopes requiring high clarity to coin bags and security bags requiring high strength and excellent sealing properties, Jordans has the material and production flexibility and expertise to produce a wide range of bespoke materials in these applications depending on your needs. With the flexibility afforded by co-extrusion equipment, we can combine different material properties, deliver tremendous performance AND include recycled materials. The options are wide – we design the product to suite your needs.

Printed films

For the mailing and magazine industry we provide printed and unprinted films for automatic magazine wrapping machines.

Side Weld bags with sealing tape

For this industry we can provide mailing bags both in secure opaque film to protect the contents and with tape and glue to allow the bag to be securely sealed after filling.

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